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jyxpearl is China's major pearl and semiprecious gemstone jewelry supplier.Wholesale pearl jewelry,semiprecious gemstone jewelry such as agate, lapis, tiger eye, obsidian, fluorite, tourmaline, crystals, coral, and turquoise jewelries. jyxpearl is China jewelry manufacturer of self-designed pearl and gemstone necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants, and other jewelries Photo sitemap.
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1414k yellow gold Pearl Necklace 14White k gold Pearl Necklace 12-13mmPearl 10mmPearl 10.5mmPearl 13-14mmPearl 11.5mmPearl 10.5-12.5mmPearl 12-14mmPearl 12-15mmPearl 10.5-11mmPearl 10.5-11.5mmPearl 10-11mmPearl 11-12mmPearl 12.5-15mmPearl 11-13mmPearl 12mmPearl 11.5-14.4mmPearl 12-12.5mmPearl 10-10.5mmPearl 10-12mmPearl 10-13mmPearl 11.5-12.5mmPearl 10*13mmPearl 10*12mmPearl 15-16mmPearl 10*20mmPearl 12*15mmPearl 12*18mmPearl 10*11mmPearl 10*25mmPearl 10*15mmPearl 11*18mmPearl 11mmPearl 15mmPearl 11*12mmPearl 10*16mmPearl 11*25mmPearl 11-14mmPearl 15-20mmPearl 13mmPearl 14-15mmPearl 11*16mmPearl 15*16mmPearl 12*20mmPearl 15*20mmRose Quartz 12*15mmRose Quartz 15*20mmPearl 14mmGiant Clam Shell 12*14mmCloisonne 13mmRed Agate 16mmTurquoise 10-15mmCrystal 11.5*13.5mmPearl 11*15mmCoin Pearl 14*18mmPearl 10*13mmTooth -Shape Pearl 10-11mmRound Pearl 18*24mmKorean Jade 12mmShell Pearl 12-20mmCrystal 11mmGolden Coral 13-14mmCoin Pearl 12*17mmPearl 10*21mmPearl 13*15mmPearl 14mmPearl 11*14mmPearl 11*16mmTurquoise 16mmPearl 19mmAgate 15.5mmAgate 17.5mmAgate 13*18mmAgate 12mmAgate 14mmAgate 10*14mmAgate 18White k gold Pendant 1414k yellow gold Pendant 18*22mmAgate 19*25mmAgate 18*30mmAgate 10mmAgate 16mmRed 12-13mmAgate 11-12mmAgate 14White k gold Chain 18GP Accessory 16*30mmAgate 18K gold Accessory 1414k gold 10*13mmAgate 14*19mmAgate 17*30mmAgate 13.5mmAgate 15*25mmAgate 10*15mmAgate 15*18mmAgate 16mmAgate 18mmAgate 17mmAgate 1Shell 1Crystal 10-10.5mmLoose Beads 12mmMalay Jade 10*16mmAventurine 10*14mmKorean Jade 10mmKorean Jade 12mmKorean Jade 16mmKorean Jade 18mmKorean Jade 10mmMalay Jade 14mmMalay Jade 16mmMalay Jade 18mmMalay Jade 14mmKorean Jade 12mmLavender Jade 15mmMalay Jade 15*25mmMalay Jade 18*25mmMalay Jade 15*40mmMalay Jade 18*30mmMalay Jade 13*20mmMalay Jade 17*25mmMalay Jade 1414k gold Earring 10mmRound Turquoise 14mmRound Turquoise 12mmTurquoise 11.5mmKorean Jade 13.5mmKorean Jade 10mm 12mmAventurine 12mmYellow Jade 13*17mmMoonstone 10*20mmMoonstone 12*14mmMoonstone 11*25mmMoonstone 18*25mmMoonstone 15mmMoonstone 13*19mmMoonstone 19*25mmMoonstone 17mmMoonstone 15*20mmMoonstone 17*23mmMoonstone 12mmMoonstone 13mmMoonstone 11mmMoonstone 11.5mmMoonstone 12mmBlue Turquoise 16mmRound Turquoise 10mmGolden Sandstone 12-14mmBlue Sandstone 14mmBlue Sandstone 12.2mmBlue Sandstone 14.3mmBlue Sandstone 12.3mmBlue Sandstone 12mmBlue Sandstone 11mmBlue Sandstone 10mmBlue Sandstone 10.5mmGarnet 18*22mmGarnet 14.5mmGarnet 18mmObsidian 16mmObsidian 13-14mm 11mm 15*23mmFluorite 18*25mmFluorite 19*25mmFluorite 12mmFluorite 13*20mmFluorite 16*20mmFluorite 14mmFluorite 16mmFluorite 17*25mmFluorite 11.5Orange Coral 10.5-15mmTiger Eye 18*20mmTiger Eye 18.5mmTiger Eye 18mmTiger Eye 10.5*15mmTiger Eye 16.3mmTiger Eye 16mmTiger Eye 14mmTiger Eye 11.5*15.5mmTiger Eye 14*18mmTiger Eye 13Strand s Necklace 12*17mmTiger Eye 12mmTiger Eye 10mmTiger Eye 16-19mmCoral 11-12mm 14mmMoonstone 12x18mm 14.3mmMoonstone 18*40mmMoonstone 15*30mmMoonstone 10mmMoonstone 16mmMoonstone 19mmMoonstone 10*19mmMoonstone 14*32mmMoonstone 19*27mmMoonstone 14*20mmMoonstone 11*15mmPearl 1814k gold Chain 11mmStud 18mmLapis Lazuli 14mmLapis Lazuli 12.5mmLapis Lazuli 12mmLapis Lazuli 13.5mmLapis Lazuli 10mmLapis Lazuli 16mmLapis Lazuli 10-16mmLapis Lazuli 14.5mmLapis Lazuli 10mmOrange Coral 10mmRound Coral 10mmPink Coral 12.5mmRed Coral 10mmGolden Coral 15mmSponge Coral 11mmRound Coral 10mmSponge Coral 13mmRed Coral 14mmSponge Coral 18mmRound Coral 12mmSponge Coral 12mmGiant Clam Shell 12mmWhite Giant Clam Shell 14mmRound Giant Clam Shell 10*12mmPendant 12mmRound Giant Clam Shell 12*15mmPendant 12*17mmPendant 16mmPendant 10-20mmShell Pearl 14mmShell Pearl 10mmShell Pearl 16mmShell Pearl 13*17mmShell Pearl 12*16mmShell Pearl 10*14mmShell Pearl 10*13mmShell Pearl 16*25mmShell Pearl 15*20mmShell Pearl 14*18mmShell Pearl 12*15mmShell Pearl 11*15mmShell Pearl 13*16mmShell Pearl 12*14mmShell Pearl 10*19mmShell Pearl 10*15mmShell Pearl 12*19mmShell Pearl 14*17mmShell Pearl 12*17mmShell Pearl 17.5*20mmShell Pearl 16*19mmShell Pearl 14*19mmShell Pearl 15*19mmShell Pearl 17*20mmShell Pearl 12.5mmPearl 18mmShell Pearl 10*13mmPendant 10*14mmPendant 16*26mmPendant 14*18mmPendant 13*17mmPendant 13*15mmPendant 11.5mmGolden 11.8mmGolden 11.4mmGolden 12mmPure White 1414k yellow gold Necklace 12*13mmTahitian Pearl 13.4mmTahitian Pearl 18White k gold Necklace 11.6mmTahitian Pearl 10.3mmTahitian Pearl 10.6mmTahitian Pearl 10mmTahitian Pearl 10.9mmTahitian Pearl 11.8mmTahitian Pearl 11.5mmTahitian Pearl 10.7mmTahitian Pearl 10.4mmTahitian Pearl 11mmTahitian Pearl 10.2mmTahitian Pearl 13.5mmTahitian Pearl 13mmTahitian Pearl 14.2*17mmTahitian Pearl 14White k gold Necklace 15.3mmTahitian Pearl 12.4mmTahitian Pearl 10.8mmTahitian Pearl 11.7mmTahitian Pearl 11.2mmTahitian Pearl 10.5mmTahitian Pearl 15mmTahitian Pearl 12mmTahitian Pearl 10.2-11mmTahitian Pearl 16.5mmMabe Pearl 17.5mmMabe Pearl 15*20mmMabe Pearl 13.2mmMabe Pearl 1414k gold Pendant 15mmMabe Pearl 17-19mmMabe Pearl 17-21mmMabe Pearl 18mmMabe Pearl 16mmMabe Pearl 14mmMabe Pearl 10mmGemstone 12.5mmSmoky Quartz 12.5mmColorful Crystal 10mmGreen Phantom Crystal 18mmGreen Phantom Crystal 15mmGreen Phantom Crystal 12mmGreen Phantom Crystal 14mmAmthyst 12mmAmthyst 10mmAmthyst 12*15mmAmthyst 13*20mmAmthyst 18*25mmAmthyst 10-14mmAmthyst 15*21mmAmthyst 13*18mmAmthyst 11*16mmAmthyst 18mmAmthyst 16mmAmthyst 10.5mmAmthyst 10mmCitrine 18mmRose Quartz 10*14mmRose Quartz 12*20mmRose Quartz 10*16mmRose Quartz 13*17mmRose Quartz 16*21mmRose Quartz 18*25mmRose Quartz 13*19mmRose Quartz 15*22mmRose Quartz 11*15mmCitrine 12mmCitrine 13*14mmCitrine 18*25mmCitrine 11*14mmCitrine 10.5mmCitrine 14mmCitrine 10mmSmoky Quartz 13*18mmSmoky Quartz 17*25mmSmoky Quartz 120*30mmSmoky Quartz 14mmSmoky Quartz 13*20mmSmoky Quartz 18mmSmoky Quartz 15*19mmSmoky Quartz 12mmSmoky Quartz 17mmSmoky Quartz 11*15mmSmoky Quartz 13mmSmoky Quartz 11*15mmRock Crystal 16mmRock Crystal 18mmRock Crystal 12mmRock Crystal 10mmRock Crystal 14.2mmRock Crystal 17*18mmRock Crystal 10.8mmRock Crystal 12*16mmRock Crystal 18*22mmRock Crystal 13*18mmRock Crystal 14mmRock Crystal 16.5mmRock Crystal 13.8mmRock Crystal 17mmRutilated Crystal 11mmRutilated Crystal 13mmRutilated Crystal 14mmRutilated Crystal 12mmRutilated Crystal 16mmRutilated Crystal 10mmRutilated Crystal 13-14mmRutilated Crystal 16.5mmRutilated Crystal 16mmAmetrine 12mmAmetrine 14mmAmetrine 17mmAmetrine 15*20mmAquamarine 10mmCrystal 13*25mmRose Quartz 10*14mmPearl 11*13mmPearl 13.5mmRutilated Crystal 12.2mmRutilated Crystal 14*17mmShell 13*18mmShell 18*25mmShell 10mmShell 19mmShell 11mmShell 10*35mmPearl 11.5-13mmPearl 10.5-11.8mmPearl 12-13.3mmPearl 11.8-14mmPearl 11.8-13mmPearl 10-11mmBlack Flatly Round Pearl 10-11mmFlatly Round Pearl 11-12mmBlack Flatly Round Pearl 14x18mmBlack Pearl 10-14.7mmBlack Pearl 11mmBlack Pearl 13.5mmRose Quartz 11*19mmPearl 17mmCrystal 12x20mmRose Quartz 17mmPearl 17-20mmPearl 10mmRose Quartz 15x25mmRose Quartz 15x22mmCrystal 11x17mmCrystal 16mmRose Quartz 14.58mmRose Quartz 10.5mmRose Quartz 12mmRose Quartz 14mmRose Quartz 15mmCrystal 18mmCrystal 13x19mmCrystal 14mmCrystal 15x20mmCrystal 10x25mmCrystal 18*40mmAmthyst 1414k gold耳钩 108Pair 14K耳钩 14k金Clasp 14White k gold托 14k金托 11.1mmTahitian Pearl 14mmCoral 18mmCoral 10mmCoral 12*16mmAmthyst 10-20mmPearl 14mmTurquoise 18mmShell 16mmShell 15*20mmShell 125mmShell 17*25mmShell 16*18mmShell 15mmShell 13*19mmShell 13*20mmShell 10*14mmShell 14mmShell 17mmShell 14*18mmShell 16*26mmShell 12mmShell 14*19mmShell 16*22mmShell 12*15mmShell 12*16mmShell 10*13mmShell 14*20mmShell 13*17mmShell 12*18mmShell 10*20mmShell 11*19mmShell 12*16mmCrystal 12mmCrystal 12.5mmCrystal 10.5mmCrystal 16mmCrystal 15*20mmCrystal 12*14mmCrystal 13mmCrystal 11.5mmCrystal 11mmCrystal 13.5mmCrystal 10*15mmCrystal 15.5mmCrystal 10mmGiant Clam Shell 11.5-12mmCoral 11-12mmCoral 13-14mmCoral 16mmCoral 11*16mmCoral 12mmCoral 10-30mmCoral 10-18mmCoral 12-15mmCoral 11-15mmCoral 13*19mmCoral 18.5mmCoral 10*14mmCoral 11mmCoral 10*12mmCoral 12*15mmCoral 1mmCoral 1.8mmCoral 15*25mmCoral 12*14mmCoral 10-11mmCoral 11.5mmCoral 13-15mmCoral 15*20mmCoral 12.5-14mmCoral 10.5mmCoral 15-85mmTurquoise 12*19mmTurquoise 18*25mmTurquoise 10mmTurquoise 11mmTurquoise 12*15mmTurquoise 17*25mmTurquoise 15mmTurquoise 11-12mmTurquoise 13*18mmTurquoise 19.3mmTurquoise 12.5mmTurquoise 16*25mmTurquoise 10*16mmTurquoise 18mmTurquoise 14.5mmTurquoise 15*19mmTurquoise 12*17mmTurquoise 17*45mmTurquoise 14*35mmTurquoise 17*19mmTurquoise 125*30mmTurquoise 15*20mmTurquoise 10*14mmTurquoise 18*23mmTurquoise 12-25mmTurquoise 18*20mmTurquoise 15.5mmTurquoise 17mmTurquoise 14*19mmTurquoise 13*20mmTurquoise 14*20mmTurquoise 12*35mmTurquoise 16*20mmTurquoise 12*16mmTurquoise 11*25mmTurquoise 10*15mmTurquoise 19*51mmAgate 17*24mmAgate 13-14mmAgate 10*16mmAgate 14*22mmAgate 12*18mmAgate 16*20mmAgate 10*30mmAgate 15*20mmAgate 15*30mmAgate 12*16mmAgate 10*18mmAgate 12.5mmAgate 13*30mmAgate 19.5mmAgate 18*25mmAgate 11*15mmAgate 11*18mmAgate 15*21mmAgate 13*19mmAgate 14*40mmAgate 10*40mmAgate 12*13mmAgate 14*15mmAgate 18*43mmAgate 11*45mmAgate 13mmAgate 18.5mmAgate 13*25mmAgate 14.5mmAgate 12*17mmAgate 10*12mmAgate 15*40mmAgate 15.5*20mmAgate 13*40mmAgate 16*40mmAgate 12*28mm 12*40mmAgate 13*14mmAgate 11*20mmAgate 17*45mmAgate 13*18mmMoonstone 18mmMoonstone 17.5mmMoonstone 11*18mmMoonstone 12mmGolden Sandstone 14mmGolden Sandstone 16mmGolden Sandstone 11mmGolden Sandstone 13.5mmGolden Sandstone 15mmGolden Sandstone 16mmBlue Sandstone 18mmBlue Sandstone 10.5mmBlue Sandstone 13.5mmBlue Sandstone 18mmGemstone 16mmGarnet 14mmGarnet 14mmObsidian 12mmObsidian 10mmObsidian 18mmFluorite 12*13mmFluorite 12*16mmFluorite 15mmFluorite 10*20mmTiger Eye 10.5mmTiger Eye 14X24Gilded Clasp 14X24形Gilded Clasp 14mmGilded Clasp 12mm配件 17mm配件 18mm配件 14K包金 14Gilded Accessories 14k gold plated on Copper Accessories 1414k Gold Clasp 1414k gold Earring Strand 1414k gold Earring Accessories 1414k gold耳托 19mm凤尾石 16mmGolden Rutilated Crystal 14mmGolden Rutilated Crystal 10mmGolden Rutilated Crystal 18mm古铜灰石 125mmCrystal 100mmCrystal 12.5mmTourmaline 10.5mmTourmaline 11mmTourmaline 15.5mmTourmaline 17.5mmTourmaline 10.3mmTourmaline 10mmTourmaline 11-16mmPearl 111.5mmPearl 16.5mmPearl 12-18mmShell 10mmGarnet 13mmRose Quartz 11.6mmCrystal 12.8mmPearl 10.2mmPearl 11.4mmPearl 11.8mmPearl 10.3mmPearl 12.6mmPearl 11.7mmPearl 1414k yellow gold tap 16.8mmPearl 18White k gold tap 14White k gold tap 10.8mmPearl 1414k yellow gold Chain 15.4mmPearl 14mmJade 10.5mmJade 11mmJade 10mmJade 1414k goldRing 14k金Ring 15.5mmRound Pearl 11.7x12mmPearl 10x10.5mmPearl 11.4x12mmPearl 11.7mmSouth Sea Pearl 18*18mmCrystal 1414k gold Chain 12mmSouth Sea Pearl 1414k gold镶South Sea Pearl 14镶k金South Sea Pearl
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