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jyxpearl is China's major pearl and semiprecious gemstone jewelry supplier.Wholesale pearl jewelry,semiprecious gemstone jewelry such as agate, lapis, tiger eye, obsidian, fluorite, tourmaline, crystals, coral, and turquoise jewelries. jyxpearl is China jewelry manufacturer of self-designed pearl and gemstone necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants, and other jewelries Photo sitemap.
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Coffee Pearl Necklace Coffee Pearl Coin-Shape Pearl Colorful Pearl Colorful Pearl Necklace Coin-Shape Pearl Necklace Cross Pearl Necklace Cross Pearl Cross-Shape Pearl Necklace Cross-Shape Pearl Crystal Coffee Yellow Pearl Necklace Coffee Yellow Pearl Coin-Shape -Shape Pearl Crystal Accessories Coin Pearl Coin Pearl Necklace Cherry Quartz Coral Coral Necklace Cloisonne Necklace Crystal Necklace Coffee Red Pearl Necklace Coffee Red Pearl Colorful Shell Pearl Colorful Shell Pearl Necklace Crystal Turquoise Necklace Champagne Pearl Necklace Coral Crystal Necklace Coin-Shape -Shape Pearl Necklace Citrine Champagne Pearl Chips Necklace Crystal Shell Necklace Colorful Gemstone Cherry Quartz Gemstone Colorful Agate Coin-Shape Agate Colorful Crystal Crystal Gemstone Necklace Coral Gemstone Necklace Coffee Loose Beads Coral Ring Colorful Pearl Ring Colorful Silk Bag Coin-Shape Aventurine Coin-Shape Korean Jade Clip Stud Circle-Shape Turquoise Circle-Shape Pendant Carved Turquoise Coral Flower Colorful Pearl Earring Coral Shell Necklace Crystal Agate Necklace Colorful Moonstone Coral Turquoise Necklace Coin-Shape Golden Sandstone Carved Turquoise Necklace Coral Buddha Head Coral Loose Beads Coral Pendant Cameo Coral Coral Flower Pendant Coral Brooch Coral Bracelet Coral Buddha HeadPrayer Pearl Coral Twig Coral Magnetic Bracelet Coral Prayer Pearl Coffee Pearl Stud Carved Coral Coral Stretchy Bracelet Coral Turquoise Bracelet Cyan Pearl Stud Coin-Shape Fluorite Coral Chips Coral Set Coral Pearl Necklace Coral Agate Necklace Coin-Shape Tiger Eye Coral Flower Necklace Coral Earring Carved Shell Pendant Crystal Chips Coin-Shape Gemstone Colorful Bracelet Colorful Gemstone Bracelet Colorful Stone Chips Bracelet Coral Flower Ring Coral Giant Clam Shell Necklace Carved Giant Clam Shell Champagne Pendant Carved Shell CrossAbalone Shell Cross Pendant Circle-Shape Shell Circle-Shape Abalone Shell Circle-Shape Black Shell Coffee Shell Pearl Coffee Bracelet Cream Bracelet Cream Shell Pearl Circle-Shape Shell Pendant Champagne Shell Pearl Coffee Yellow Shell Pearl Colorful Shell Pendant Colorful Shell CrossShell Crescent -Shape Shell Cyan Pearl Copper Green Shell Pearl Colored Glaze Cameo Pendant Cherry Quartz Chips Colorful Crystal Bracelet Colorful Earring Crystal Bracelet Crystal Pendant Citrine Bracelet Citrine Chips Citrine Necklace Coin-Shape Rock Crystal Champagne Crystal Carved Rock Crystal Crystal Buddha Head Coffee Yellow Crystal Cherry Quartz Bracelet Crystal Earring CarvedShell Coffee Shell Crescent -Shape Abalone Shell CraftworksTurquoise Crystal10*15mmPearl Crystal Wholesale Coin-Shape Rose Quartz Coin-Shape Crystal Crystal Pendant Wholesale Chocolate Pearl Colorful珍 Citrine pendants ChampagneShell Coffee色Shell CoffeeCrystal Circle-ShapeAgate Coin-Shape Moonstone CloisonneSterling Silver Clasp ColorfulZirconia Colorful配件 Copper Gilded Accessories Coin-Shape配件 Coffee配件 CoffeeNecklace配饰 ColorfulChain ColorfulShell Flower Clasp ColorfulCameo Clasp Colored GlazeClasp Coral Sterling Silver Clasp ColorfulAmber Colorful蛋黄石 Colorful海洋石 Colorful彩虹石 Colorful花光石 ColorfulTourmaline
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Beijing Haide Tianjia Pearl Gem Co.,Ltd
Address:D-29# 4F TianYa HongQiao Building, Dongcheng District, Beijing China
Tel: 0086-10-87105499 Email:jyxpearl_service@aliyun.com
Product Tags: a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w s y z other
Online jewelry store offering wholesale pearl,pearl necklaces,wholesale prices for pearl jewelry, semiprecious
gemstone jewelry, loose pearl and gemstone strings, jewelry accessories, and jewelry boxes.
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