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jyxpearl is China's major pearl and semiprecious gemstone jewelry supplier.Wholesale pearl jewelry,semiprecious gemstone jewelry such as agate, lapis, tiger eye, obsidian, fluorite, tourmaline, crystals, coral, and turquoise jewelries. jyxpearl is China jewelry manufacturer of self-designed pearl and gemstone necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants, and other jewelries Photo sitemap.
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11*13mm Panda-shaped White Gilded Clasp  GCK262 11*13mm Panda-shaped White Gilded Clasp - GCK262
US$ 3.5
Classic 11*13mm panda-shaped white gilded clasp for sale. The well-designed clasp features splendid luster and exquisite craft. It can perfectly serve as a convenient and solid connection of all kinds of quality jewelries. You're welcome to purchase in bulk. Embellish your necklace or bracelet with this...
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